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Garage Door Routine Maintenance

Garage Door Parts Lakewood Ranch
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Is your garage door loud? Maybe it just needs routine maintenance. If it is making unusual groaning noises it probably needs lubrication and checked over. Not performing maintenance twice a year on your garage door, is like not changing the oil in your car. Garage door maintenance is very important. Your garage door is the largest moving object in your house. It is basically a moving wall. Garage door lubrication makes parts work more efficiently and quietly and also can help prevent parts from breaking prematurely. Add it is also wise to visually check over the garage door. Or you may need Garage Door Repair or Garage Door Springs, or Garage Door Opener, Or Garage Door Opener Repair. Whatever your needs Southern Garage Doors Inc. has you covered. You can read more About Us.

We offer annual maintenance or semi-annual maintenance. By signing up you save 20% on the trip fee, which includes 30 min of labor any adjustment if necessary and lubrication for 1 Garage door. Each additional door is $25. The goal of annual or semi-annual maintenance is to prevent a problem from happening. As with anything in this world, This does not guarantee that you will not have problems this just hopefully increases our chances of eliminating the problem before it arises.

To enroll in this program you must be a previous customer. By signing up you have nothing to lose there is no upfront cost. You actually receive discounts on the trip fee and most parts. By signing up all that you are agreeing to is we can contact you every 6 months or a year whatever you prefer to get your maintenance completed on your garage door. IT'S THAT SIMPLE. No pressure, just peace of mind is what enrollment in this program is about. 

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