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Garage Door Opener Repair

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Is your garage door opener not functioning properly? We offer garage door opener repair on existing garage door operators. Your garage door opener makes so you do not have to open it by hand or close it by hand. You press the button and the door opens, and you press the remote button and the door shuts. Its a combination of electronics and mechanics. If your garage door opener cause you problems, you will need to pull the emergency release to open or close your door by hand.


We can repair the majority of units that are manufactured by Linear, Genie, Overhead, Liftmaster, Craftsman, or Chamberlain. The expected life of a door opener is around 18 years. With that being said, at 12 years old,we will no longer repair it. We recommend replacing the garage door motor if it is 12 years or older. For info on new garage door openers Click Here . If your garage door opener does not close Click Here.

Garage Door Opener Repair Sarasota Flori
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