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Garage Door Spring Replacement

Broken Garage Door Spring

Ask about upgrading to High Cycle, LONGER LIFE Springs!

If you have a broken spring on your garage door, or it will not open, you have found the right company. We consider ourselves your local garage door spring replacement specialist. We have found that around 85% of the time a garage door doesn't open, it is due to a broken spring. When your garage door is broken you lose the main entrance to your house. You lose your access to your car and to your belongings. Garage door springs are rated on a few thousand cycles. One cycle is one time down and back up. After so many thousand cycles your spring becomes weak causing it to break.

We at Southern Garage Door cut our springs on the job site. We weigh the door and to get an exact CUSTOM fit when we replace springs. We are only company that service the Sarasota area that does this. By cutting the springs on-site allows us to replace your springs with the exact same size you had or its equivalent. We believe this is the best way to get the best balance of the door. By having you door balanced properly, it creates LESS wear on other parts including your opener. This also is the most accurate and longest-lasting way to replace a spring. Most garage door companies use a stock spring program; this means they just use the closest sized spring they have on hand.  Our springs are manufactured in  OHIO, USAWe also recommend having us check the rollers(round wheels in track) whenever your spring breaks, and possibly replace them also, however it is not required.

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Ask about High Cycle Springs


Ask about upgrading to High Cycle, LONGER LIFE Springs

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