My Garage Door Won't Close

I seem to get quite a few calls in a years time saying my garage door won't close, it starts down but it will not fully close. Signs that it is safety eye related:

  • Garage Door Only Comes Down A Few Inches, Then Reverses.

  • Garage Door Opener Light Flashes

  • Garage Door One of the LED lights on the sensors is off or dim.

  • Will close when you press and hold the wall button.

  • Does not work from the remote or keypad.

Ron and I are garage door professionals but we are definitely not good videographers (trust me we tried). So, I have attached youtube videos on how to fix this issue. If you are unable to fix the issue by re-aligning the safety eyes, fill out the contact page here or give us a call at 941-356-4334. We will be happy to help you resolve your garage door opener issue.

Liftmaster, Chamberlain Craftsman Safety Eye Alignment

Overhead, Genie Safety Eye Alignment

Linear Safety Eye Alignment

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